Spotify Dedup

Remove duplicate songs from your Spotify library.

Spotify Dedup cleans up your playlists and liked songs from your Spotify account. It's easy and fast.

Find & remove

Dedup checks your playlists and liked songs in your Spotify library. Once Dedup finds duplicates you can remove them on a per-playlist basis.


Dedup will only remove duplicate songs, leaving the rest of the playlist and liked songs untouched.

Open Source

You might want to have a look at the source code on GitHub. This web app uses the Spotify Web API to manage user's playlists and liked songs.

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Thank a lot, you saved my day!! After an export deezer » spotify which went nut, ended up with playlist with thousands of duplicates of nearly 10years of playlist creation. you really made a super efficient and pure service software! Thanks so much :-)!

Samuel's avatar image

This was an absolute perfect web app for my huge playlists and for a absolute great music and various music styles lover. You saved me a lot a time.

Maria's avatar image

Insanely handy web app for my hige playlists. I love it!

MEAT's avatar image

Thanks for deduping my spotify playlists in seconds, what a great invention! 🙏🏽

Steff's avatar image

Good work on this! Its great to know someone else understand that the collection needs to be refined <3

Luna's avatar image

This is exactly what I needed. So glad there are others out there who believe a good playlist should not only be curated but be treated like a database and regularly maintained.

Sara's avatar image

Spotify glitched and duped every playlist multiple times. Removing manually would have been a Herculean task. Googled "removed duplicates from Spotify playlist." Dedup came up. It worked perfectly. Thank you.

Jacob's avatar image

I use dedup all the time! I wish Spotify would consistently not let you add dupes, so thank goodness for engineers like you fixing their problems for the user :)

Immi's avatar image

owe u my life for your dupe remover. going through 10k songs manually would have been a nightmare. :')

moosekababs's avatar image

Thank you for making it so easy and painless to clean up my spotify playlists after switching back from apple music!

Rachel's avatar image

Use this every month. Looking forward to seeing your next project.

Anonymous's avatar image

you've saved me a massive headache. thank you!

Rhoda’s frustrated husband's avatar image
Rhoda’s frustrated husband

Just discovered your Spotify Dedup web application. What a time saver! Worked a treat, thank you. So, I figured the least I could do is buy you some coffee to show my appreciation for your efforts and for sharing your work.

Anonymous's avatar image

I've been putting off getting rid of duplicate songs in playlists for years now haha. This saved me so much time and took less than a minute to remove dupes. Thank you so much!

bKenobi3's avatar image

incredible! this solved a massive problem that was taking me forever to fix (3000 songs in one playlist alone had somehow duplicated themselves! cmon spotify) you sir are a legend!

Alex King's avatar image
Alex King

You're amazing, used your duplicate song finder to get rid of 312 mistakes in my playlist, would've taken me days to find them all

Courtney McGarrah's avatar image
Courtney McGarrah

I just discovered your @Spotify dedup web app & it is awesome!!! Recommend to all #Spotify users!

VanKento's avatar image

I've been using your spotify dedup code for years. Today, I finally decided to check out your other stuff. Amazing! I can't believe it took me this long to discover it

wormx's avatar image

Thanks for the Spotify De-Dup! Very helpful and extremely easy to use

PTR's avatar image

Frequently asked questions

What does this web application do?

Spotify Dedup helps you clean up your music libraries on Spotify by identifying and deleting duplicate songs across playlists and liked songs.

How does it find duplicates?

Dedup finds duplicates based on the songs identifier, title, artist, and duration similarity. It identifies duplicates that Spotify's application does not catch.

How is Dedup better than Spotify's built-in duplicate detection?

Spotify's applications only warn about duplicates when adding a song to a playlit or liked songs with the exact same song identifier. However, the same song can have multiple identifiers on Spotify that both in the same release or in several ones. Dedup detects duplicates based on title, artist, and duration similarity.

When duplicates are found, which songs are removed?

Dedup will keep the first song within a group of duplicate songs, and will remove the rest.

Is my data safe with this web application?

Yes, this web application does not store any user data on its servers. It only requests the minimum set of permissions necessary to process your library.

What permissions does this web application require?

This web application uses Spotify's authentication service to access your liked songs and playlists in your library.

How has this tool been tested?

This tool has been battle-tested by thousands of users who have used it to identify duplicates in millions of playlists since 2014.

Can this tool delete duplicates across multiple playlists?

This tool can identify and delete duplicates on all playlists in a library, but doesn't detect duplicates of a song across multiple playlists.

How can I revoke the permissions granted to this web application?

You can revoke the permissions granted to this web application at any time on your Spotify account, under the 'Apps' section.

Does this tool work with other music streaming services?

No, this tool only works with Spotify through Spotify's Web API.

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